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What I've been doing... (2) - Artwork album FACES (by Rusty Clouds)

Dear friends,
A 'long' time ago, back in 2015, a friend of mine, Willemien, aka Rusty Clouds, asked me to collaborate with her to make an album cover for her first music album. I gladly accepted her offer and we both embarked on a 2-year during journey, getting out creativity swirling by exchanging inspiration and ideas through words, images and music. 
And a few days ago, our journey finally came to its conclusion with the long-awaited album-release of 'FACES', a beautiful and unsettling musical expedition into a world lost and puzzled by darkness...

© Photos by Rusty Clouds

Albumcover - front
Albumcover - inside
You can buy the album as digital album or as compact disk (4-panel digipack) through 

What I've been doing... (1) - Illustrations for TRENDS

Dear friends,

It has been a LONG time since I posted something on this blogspot. I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the date of my last blogpost: it was more than 2 YEARS AGO!

Well, a lot of stuff happened during these 2 years. Some good, some bad...

But hey, I'm back now! And I'm also pretty happy to say that I also did quite a lot of things on the creative front during this period of absence. Yet nothing of this has reached my blogspot, up until now.

I'll be trying to make a weekly post from now on in which I post some stuff I did during these period of blogspot-absence.

This post is the first one, focusing on the drawing work commissioned by KNACK TRENDS during the last blogpost and now.

I made this illustration for end of the year special of KNACK TRENDS, 'The World In 2016', for the section 'Company'. It accompanied an article about the Chinese economic growth slowly stagnating.
I did the line art of this drawing in Adobe Illustrator and s…