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Illustration "The money-laundering machine of the BBI" (Trends, 19 March 2015)

Hey everybody!
It has been a couple of months again since I last made an update on this blog. Well, I've been quite busy with my other two jobs, teaching and doing ICT at a school, and earning a steady income...

Last week I got a request of Trends to make an illustration for an article about money laundry and disappearing tax paradises. Because of the strict supervising of the government, tax paradises are getting pretty extinct nowadays and people don't have a lot of possibilities anymore to get rid of the money they illegally obtained. The BBI, an organisation connected to the Belgian federal department of Finances, tries to trace and battle large-scaled tax fraud, hopes that these narrow changes pressures people to willingly come out with their illegally obtained funds...

Well of course there had to be washing machines in there...
I also made a picture of the magazine spread:

See ya in the next update!