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Old projects, new life...

Wow, I haven't updated my blog since February. Now that's a long time! Sorry for that, guys.

I've been pretty busy the last couple of months with a new 'old' graphic novel-project that I started like 4 years ago. It has been dormant for all those years because I wasn't certain if i wanted to finish it or not. I think it was kinda too much for me at that time and I just wasn't up for it because of reasons.
 Some people have also been asking and reminding me about the project last year, during the preparations for the Jangton Brothers Retrospective. I pretty much took that as another subtle hint to take the project on again after years of silence.

The first pages I made four years ago have been lying around in my atelier ever since, collecting dust and many stares on blank saturday mornings. Yet, at this point, I actually feel pretty motivated to work on it it and give it the proper ending it deserves. It will be my first graphic novel, my debut, so it's …