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Posts uit februari, 2014 weergeven

Mensch, erger je niet! - Logo and illustration

My girlfriend and I have been working on a logo and accompanying illustration for the Belgian DJ-duo Mensch, erger je niet! during December 2013 and the beginning of January 2014.
Quite a busy Christmas holiday that was... 
We both presented some sketches and styles for the logo to the deejays, but one of mine designs was eventually chosen to be fully worked out.
Still, my girlfriend did an awesome job digitally drawing the outlines of my sketch! (PROUD!!!)
I finally added the color, and the logo was ready to go public...  

The illustration in which we implemented the logo was realised a short while after fully finishing the logo. I did the drawing and inking/outlines both by hand this time around.  The colors were, just like with the logo, added digitally afterwards.

Trends Eindejaarsspecial - De Wereld in 2014

I was once again asked to make an illustration for the end-of-the-year-special of Knacks Trends, back in December 2013. Kinda late to post this, I know, but i didn't have time to update my blog until now...

The illustration was the opener of the chapter 'Industry' and accompanied an article about American companies regaining their top-position within the economics market because of things as utilizing new energy sources.

Comparing this drawing to the one I made for the 2013-special (my first publication in Trends too!), I'm pretty happy the way I progressed and evolved within my work throughout that one year.