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Wall project in Rue de la Loi - Brussels

I've been working since the end of August 2013 in the office of Rijkwaterstaat in Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat in Brussels at a big mural painting. The biggest illustration i've ever made!
I finally finished it last weekend, on November the 10th 2013, with some help of my lovely girlfriend. Quite the opportunity too to make somethin for one of the most important streets of Belgium and even Europe!

For this mural, I used portions of the design I made for Amsterdam and integrated it in an illustration that connected more with transport (ships, trucks, etc.) and the data-collecting-tasks of the organisation.  
It was originally intended for the individual windows to show things like monuments, transport, etc., of every European country that is a member of the organisation...
Yet, because I was running out of time and none of the members came up with suggestions for something to represent their country in their respective window (this was originally the plan), I finally extended the views left and right, with the boats, train and truck, beyond the windows. In the end, i'm pretty happy I did this instead of overloadin each window with all sorts of stuff. It would have been too busy and chaotic...

To tell you the truth, another reason why I took this assignment, is as a reaction to the Amsterdam project that i've already mentioned earlier on this blog. The project is overdue more than a year now and it has been frustrating me for a long while now. Also, I haven't seen a penny for any work i've realised for it during all that time...
Yes, I must admit that I made some bad and dumb decisions too regarding that project, but there were some personal things playing too back then...

You can see the working process on the wall in Brussels during the period of August-November on the photos below (Note: i'll be posting more photos of the work process later on, since i've been having lots of problems with the image uploader on Blogger while writin this post...)

The finished mural painting:


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