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Publications in Trends

I made two illustrations for Trends-magazine this past month.

To start off with the most recent one...

This illustration accompanies the article "Last of the Mohicans"/"De Laatsten der Mohikanen" in Trends nr. 30, published on 1/8/2013.
The article talks about people with professions like shoemaker or baker, and the way they are struggling and putting up a real fight to survive in our modern-day society.

The following illustration was published in Trends nr. 29 (18/7/2013) and accompanied the article "Free information feeds the knowledge-economy"/"Gratis informatie voedt de kenniseconomie". The article talked about open data, data the government makes accessible for companies and the public, and a new European guideline that must make the data more easy to access as individual. It's also my first double-page I did for them :)