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Posts uit mei, 2013 weergeven

Nautical Men

I was asked a couple of weeks ago to contribute some work to Ode to Gaming, an exhibition that, as it names clearly suggests, makes an artistic, visual ode to all things game-related...

Next to an illustration I made for Trends-magazine last December, I also contributed the brand spanking new illustration you can see down below. Nautical Men is a fictional arcade videogame that follows the adventure of two 'nautical men' facing off the absurd and wicked dangers roaming their oceans and seas. From gigantic, fish-controlled robotic mermaids to the god Cthulhu himself... I made this drawing for the exhibition with a special reason in mind, too. Let's say it contains more things than the eye would first suspect and that it is, in a way, already another wink to the future exhibition i'm preparing with Jangojim.
The exhibition can be visited during Free to Play, an awesome, gamecrazed event at Designcenter De Winkelhaak in Antwerp (BE) until July 13 2013. From 9 am till 6 pm …

Mobile banking in Trends (18/04)

Made this illustration on really short notice for a dossier about mobile banking in Knack Trends (nr. 16). It was published on 18 april 2013.