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24 Hour Comic Day Brussels + Ghent

So me and Dimitri 'Jangojim' Sakelaropolus joined forces (which won't be the last time, I assure you...) for a nice little comic during the 24 Hour Comic Day in Brussels and in Ghent about a megalomanic, Indian culture-obsessed, fish-selling captain named Tipi. Captain Tipi.
The pages we were able to draw during the Comic days are in pencil and will, eventually, when the story is completed, be worked out to nice and clean comic story worthy of a zine-release.

Here are some preview pages from our story. I randomly selected some pages to show, so don't get confused if you think these order doesn't make sense...


So here they are, my very first papier-maché figurines! I always wanted to make a 3D-model of one of my drawn characters, so I took the time this summer holiday to make that little dream come true! Twice!
The characters I chose for a 3D-transformation were 'the eerie stewardess' from one of my older illustrations and 'the girl' from upcoming 'Expo'...
The drawings:

The working process:

The end results: (sorry for the bad picture quality, but I had some problems with my camera when I took this one...)

Mural project Bierens Advocatenkantoren Amsterdam

This pretty big project took its flying start around the end of June 2012. I'm also collaborating with a Dutch visual artist named Rik Couwenbergh for this one. The drawing featured below will be put on a set of three walls in a conference room of the Dutch lawyer office of Bierens Advocatenkantoren in Amsterdam. We also got to pick some neat designer tables and chairs for the room itself, courtesy of the owner of the office. The chair we've chosen is the infamous Universale chair from Joe Colombo. It was eventually also implemented in the design for the big mural drawing. The photos you see down below are of an early stage of the design. However, most of the things you see will ultimately be implemented into the final design.  Alas, the woman in kitchen had to be changed into a Universale chair! Pity... I'll keep you updated about this one as it progresses!

The Universale chair form Joe Colombo:

Some school-related work...

An image I made for a flyer for the academy of visual arts of Temse. I start teaching there since the beginning of September!

Try-out for my first graphic novel 'Expo' !! + Update

!! Update !! Changed the colors of the banner 'Expo'. They're different now than in the image you see below. Much more... orange.  Also, still (re)thinking and (re)writing the plot. Some things I came up with earlier are really outta place and feel strange. Plotholes, geez... Writing is pretty difficult :/ But this isn't an eays book too, I guess...  I dropped the early working title of Hotel and changed it into Expo. I think this will ultimately be the 'final title'. It suits the novel just fine. Oh yeah, the main theme of Expo is 'fear'. Just to put it out there.

Bowie Adventures #1

"Bowie Adventures (#1)" for the 'We Can Be Heroes - David Bowie'-exhibition at the HOT Art Wet City Gallery in Vancouver (Canada). Also sold this one during the exhibition! :)  I love the way the colors turned out in the print!